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Steel garting Installation instructions
Product Description
Grating platform and installation instructions:
1£®Grating platform installation
1£®1 The number of drawings

The number of drawings composed of two parts: the work of a single drawing of a serial number
1082¡ª04  Marking example :1082-04
Note: can marked according to customer requirements drawing number.
1£®2 Grating number
Number of grating composed of two parts: the drawing of a grating serial number serial number
13¡ª08  Marking example : 13¡ª08
Note: ¢Ù grating imprint numbers in each grating side of the package side panel for easy identification, the assembly according to Figure

¢Ú grating surface serial number marked on each map plate steel grid
¢Û can marked number according to the customers' demands.
1£®3 Grating packaging
Grating was separately packaged according to Figure No. Basically, the platform. Easy to install, with goods shipped grating attached to the drawings, packing list, quality certificate information or data, such as direct mail delivery to the consignee, the consignee must acknowledge receipt of the above information before devanning to ensure that the correct installation.
1£®4 Correct positioning of grating
1£®4£®1£ºBefore installed the grating,first confirm whether the installation of steel structures in line with the design requirements

1£®4£®2£ºGrating position must be requested elevation drawings, the laying of numbers. Pigeon-holing, accurate positioning
1£®4£®4£ºGrating by the Dutch must be supported at both ends of flat steel in the steel beam or other supporting shelves, each side lap of not less than 25mm in length

Grating spacing of the two usually lOmm, when installed in accordance with the requirements and on-site drawings for appropriate adjustments to the actual situation,
1.4.4 in the premise of guarantee, the minimum spacing should be installed to meet the following requirements: between the grating spacing of 3mm, grating spacing and adjacent structures 10mm.
1£®5 Grating installation
Please read drawings and packing list carefully before installation, and then maps and packing list in accordance with the packaging removed, such as had not read the maps and packing list to open any package, resulting in confusion or any cutting in the field, the supplier is not responsible for it.

Steel grating in accordance with the installation of flat-panel components, the installation can not move or out of the horizontal support frame, the main installation and a dedicated welding installation folder to install the two methods, after the installation of grating such as the need to demolish and mobile, it is recommended the use of welding methods fixed grating
1£®5£®1£ºWelding installation
The grating in the support beam welding to form a permanent rigid connection
Welding requirements:
¢ÙBefore welding,must clean the bearing steel and steel mesh panels on the surface layer of zinc, paint, rust, oil and water
¢Ú use sub-welding, weld length not less than 25mm. Not less than a high degree of welding angle 5mm, welding in the flat steel grating load side, the number of welds, see the following
The number of the installation folder
¢ÛAfter welding, remove weld slag and spatter, two hand-painted zinc-rich paint

1£®5£®2£ºInstallation folder to install

1£®5£®2£®1£ºThe grating with the installation of fasteners in the support folder on the beam, in principle, each grating (approximately 1 square meters) of not less than four sets of the installation folder, installed in the four corners of the grating,

However, if the grating is longer, and the middle plate supported beam, the installation of the number of folders can be configured as follows
Grating size (the length of flat steel load) the number of the installation folder
500¡«1500mm 4
1500¡«3000mm 6
4000¡«5000mm 10
5000¡«6000mm 12
1£®5£®2£®2£ºFolder to install the parts (including: on the folder, the next folder, bolts, nuts, spring washers) the specific location see Figure 1
1£®5£®2£®3£ºThe installation folder of the installation steps

Take Type ¢ó in the installation folder as an example, the grid is still a license to install this folder can be all types of steel mesh panels securely fastening the support beam, only the use of screwdriver, in the platform above, one person can independently operate fast, safe .

¢Ù first assembled into the installation folder, such as A graph shown in Figure 1.
¢Ú the next folder from the grating through the inter-flat steel, the folders remain in the flat steel grating

¢Û the use of screwdriver, set aside the next folder in the following supported beam flange
¢Ü filed on the folder, use the following folder location a few nut-type bed, under the folder of the shoulder joint in the flat steel convex Department (for family of 3 grating, convex shoulder live only a flat steel inlay.)
¢Ý bolts tightened with a screwdriver until the next folder will be a reliable fastening grating on the support beam, for tightening torque: 17 ~ 20N • M. The use of "T" type screwdriver fastening clip, the effect better, such as the graph in Figure 1 and Figure B below C
¢Þ I type, I type the installation folder to install the main method and I-type is similar

1£®5£®3£ºGrating in the beam, once set aside, they should immediately be fastening (welding or installation folder), in order to avoid grating displacement, caused by security incidents.
Note: Use which installation method, by the customer decisions based on the scene needs.the installation folder can be customized by the supplier

1£®6 After installation, the user should pay attention to maintenance and repair work, such as the installation folder found loose fasteners.
2£®Board installation
2£®1 ensure dimensional tolerances ramp and installation design specifications in line with the requirements.
2£®2 Board asked the high time-chen and the horizontal distance from the design requirements must be based on accurate positioning
2£®3 Tip board has the following two types of fastening methods
2£®3£®1£ºBolts, nut fasteners, see Figure 3

2£®3£®2£ºWelding Fasteners
Welding requirements:
¢Ù clean must be removed before welding steel plate inclined beam and surface layer of zinc, paint, rust, oil and water
¢Ú board installation time T1. T3, if the time gap between the steel plate and large, it will need to fill a thin steel plate, it is necessary to turn in the ends of welded symmetrical. Packets around the edge weld seam straight flat steel, welded angle not less than a high 5ram
The connection method of Handrails is welding.

Method using intermittent welding butt welding rod Department. By the removal of welding slag and weld grinding welding thick tumors, the two hand-painted zinc-rich paint
Column and then move to the installation location of the docking bar installed in the Office of the middle ball, and finally fixed column
Only when necessary welding in the ball outside. By the removal of weld slag welding, grinding and removal of welding spatter tumors, the two hand-painted zinc-rich paint
1.If there is Zinc block left in the post hole. A short tube can be inserted into holes in the ball, turning two or three times back and forth when necessary in order to
Repair file by file. For zinc layer hand-off to be painted two zinc-rich paint.

2£®Plus pads and other methods to adjust the level of post. put a free bar hole into the column
3£®When using a multi-ball. Bar can be assembled in the same way
1£®This statement as an annex to the contract.
2£®Customers must be carefully read when received the notes, drawings and packing list and other related information. After confirmed the above information then start to the installation, if there is any questions about contents,you myst contact with suppliers timely in order to obtain the necessary help.
2£®Users must be strictly in accordance with the descriptions and drawings related to the installation, otherwise. The consequences of, the supplier shall not be responsible for

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